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About Bibendum  

Bibendum might just be the first wine bar in Copenhagen (2001), but we still kick ass with a bulky wine men, bottles or glass, delicious food inspired by French and Spanish cuisine with a twist of herbs and other oddities.

The premises are small, but reek with coziness, warmth and love for

food and wine. The vibe is lively, often boiling, when we’re packed, and the music is playing. But we love it so much. Our staff left their fancy dress at home and use their energy on giving you the best possible experience.

They are very capable when it comes to our wines. 

One of our guests described the perfect Bibendum evening like this:
“The sweet guests and waiters, the vibe, lovely wine and food, the discreet music and the interior played together wonderfully.

Bibendum, I’ll see you soon!”

Our adjacent little wine shop is a perfect fit for small parties, events or gatherings that wants get acquainted with the wines and each other. 

Love of Food N’ Wine

– Love conquers all … especially food and wine

A hero needs food and wine to conquer … well, more or less.


Our first family member saw the light of day in 1997. Since then a lot of wine has flown, but we still love everything that we do with the same passion as back then. Today Love Of Food N Wine consists of five restaurants and

three wine shops.


And we’re still growing. Today the family consists of Bibendum, Falernum, Paté Paté, Husted Vin Sydhavnen and Husted Vin Gl. Strand, Husted Vin

on Østerbro, Paté Paté Winebar & Tapas in CPH Airport as well as Wakha

in Tivoli Food Hall and Neighbourhood. We know that the future will provide much more love for food and wine.


Our business is passion driven. Our passionate owner, importer of wine,

man of ideas and innkeeper is Kenn Husted. His eternal striving for new collaborations with wine makers and suppliers, his food fantasies and ability

to gather passionate people around him I kitchens and behind the bar is

what keeps this engine running. Love Of Food N’ Wine is not like everybody else in the business. Kenn Husted follows his heart and takes chances,

which can be seen in the growth of the company.


We are far from done.


See you soon.



Nansensgade 45

1366 København K


Telephone +45 33 33 07 74

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Tues - Sat 17.00 - 21:30

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