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Tastings + "Vinnørderiet"

We love wine. In fact, we love wine so much we want to share that love with you. Our best take on delivering that to you is through our wine tastings, where we will introduce you to a wide range of different quality wines based on a certain theme.

You can choose a theme in collaboration with us or leave it completely

up to us. We do various wine tastings. Here at Bibendum we also have our own thing called “Vinnørderiet” (wine nerdery), where we taste different wines of superior quality depending on the theme. We announce

the tastings on our Facebook page.

If you’d rather book a private tasting, then contact us for an offer

you can’t refuse. We take pride in delivering excellent wine tastings aimed

at the people participating. We have the motto “If you like the wine,

it’s a good wine”.

Our other family members and wine shops are also doing wine tastings.

Stay updated with upcoming wine tastings at 

P.s. you are allowed to spit out during our tastings. 



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Telephone +45 33 33 07 74

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