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Wine shop

We have the coolest wine shop and bar in Nansensgade! It’s true. 
Bibendum is more than a restaurant with delicious food and wine. 
You can buy all our wines to go at retail prices.

We have an entire shop filled with specialty wines, so you’ll never

have to run dry. We have a wide selection of wines, and our skilled staff are

always ready to recommend a great bottle based on your taste or wishes. 


Did you fall in love in with your wine during dinner, then contact your waiter and have them ready another bottle for you to bring along at retail price. If you ask our staff, they are always ready with an anecdote or two about your new favorite wine

– or recommend more wines matching your taste buds. 


It’s also possible to order wine via and pick up your

order at our place. 

We look forward to guiding you on your next wine adventure. 



Nansensgade 45

1366 København K


Telephone +45 33 33 07 74

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Tues – Sat 16.00 - 00.00


Tues - Sat 17.00 - 21:30

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